Valentinian III

Licinia Eudoxia

The wife of Valentinian III and, after her husband was killed, Petronius Maximus. Petronius forced Licinia to marry him or choose death just after orchestrating the murder of Valentinian. For this outrage she never forgave him. In fact, she made an appeal to Gaiseric of the Vandals and all of the Roman empire was to suffer for her vengeance. Gaiseric sailed off from his homebase in Africa and plundered Rome and its few remaining cities. Licinia was carried off as part of the loot but was later returned to the emperor Leo in Constantinople where she lived for the remainder of her life. <BR AU...

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Honoria c.420 – 454 A.D.

History really does repeat itself. Although the anecdote of Licinia Eudoxia calling on Gaiseric to come rescue her is more dramatic (and this having disastrous results for Italy and Rome in particular), the feat had first been done just a couple of years before by Honoria, the sister of Valentinian III. It seems Valentinian arranged a political marriage between her and some influential Senator. But no one bothered to get her consent in the deal and she rushed an emissary to none other than Attila the Hun. Attila wasted no time in coming to the rescue of his damsel in distress. Of course, it was a perfect...

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