Trebonianus Gallus

Hostilian 250 – 251 A.D.

Hostilian was the son of Trajan Decius and brother of Herennius Etruscus. He was made Augustus along with his father and brother shortly before heading out to meet a barbarian army. Both Decius and Etruscus died in battle leaving him as sole emperor, briefly, before one of Decius's generals, Trebonianus Gallus, was also elevated to the throne by the surviving soldiers. Hostilian died soon after of the plague at a young age.   AU Aureus RIC 181b (Trajan Decius), C 33 Aureus Obv: CVALENSHOSTILMESQVINTVSNC - Bare-headed, draped bust right. Rev: PRINCIPIIVVENTVTIS - Hostilian standing...

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Aemilian 253 A.D.

Those who live by the sword die by the sword. This old cliche could well have been phrased after the life and death of Aemilian. When Trebonianus Gallus's hold on power had weakened after a series of setbacks, the troops of Aemilian who were battling barbarians along the Danube declared him Augustus and he seized the opportunity to depose Gallus. The plan worked just as expected and Aemilian subsequently enjoyed a brief reign. Valerian, one of the generals commissioned under Gallus, heard of the news and refused to accept the new emperor. Finding it favorable among his own troops, he was promptly...

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