Galerius 305 – 311 A.D.

Galerius started as an ordinary soldier in the armies of Aurelian and then Probus. By the time he served under Diocletian his military career had culminated with the position of Praetorian Prefect. Under Diocletian's new scheme for ruling the empire, he named Galerius as one of the Caesars in the new Tetrarchy and assigned him to the eastern half. With Diocletian abdicating soon after, Galerius automatically became Augustus himself. The rest of his reign would be taken up fighting the power grabbing of Constantius Chlorus who, against the principles of the Tetrarchy, would start a dynasty in his own bloodline...

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Florianus 276 A.D.

Florian was the half-brother of Tacitus who became ever-so-briefly the sole Senate-ratified emperor. While Tacitus was still alive, he sent Florian with a large army off to confront Probus, self-proclaimed emperor. Probus outsmarted Florian on the battlefield and emerged triumphant. Together with Florian's former army, Probus then resumed his march towards Rome. AU Aureus RIC 21, Calico 4131, C 55 Aureus Obv: VIRTVSFLORIANIAVG - Laureate, cuirassed bust left, holding spear over shoulder and shield. Rev: PERPETVITATEAVG - Providentia standing left, leaning on column, holding globe and cradling...

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Carus 282 – 283 A.D.

The short reign of this emperor is clouded with differing accounts of his life. Whether he instigated a successful revolt that ended with the death of Probus or that he was simply named emperor upon hearing of his death is unsure. Either way, his accession was ratified by the Senate. He promptly set out with his armies to counter recent tribal invasions along the empire's Germanic borders and from there led a successful campaign against the Persians. What happened next is also unsure but Carus died under suspicious conditions. Supposedly he was stricken by lightning but this sounds too convenient...

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