Nerva 96 – 98 A.D.

Nerva's career as emperor ended less than two years after his accession to the throne. Up to that point he had been a long-time central politician under the various emperors before him, particularly Domitian and Nero. However, he started off as emperor under a precarious relationship with the army which rightly suspected him of being involved in the conspiracy against Domitian. He made things right in their eyes by presenting them with an embarrassingly apologetic speech and appointing Trajan as his successor. Trajan was at the time an admired general engaging the Germanic tribes. He died in 98 following...

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Domitian 81 – 96 A.D.

Domitian was one of Vespasian's sons and brother of Titus. Upon the death of Titus, Domitian was given the title of Augustus and thus became the emperor. Domitian campaigned extensively in Britain and present-day Germany, ultimately being successful in both areas. He was also intensely concerned with the soundness of the economy and frequently revised tax laws to maximize the treasury's income and kept tax collectors busy round-the-clock. However, he did use these monies to rebuild Rome which had been through two major fires and the construction of many new building projects. For all the good...

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