Nero Claudius Drusus

Nero Claudius Drusus 38 – 9 B.C

Drusus was an able and widely admired general and privately favored by Augustus as his successor. However, he died from an accident leaving his brother Tiberius as the most eligible candidate. He was also the father of the future emperor Claudius.   AU Aureus (Posthumous) RIC 71 (Claudius), BMC 100 (Claudius), Vagi 487, C 3 Aureus Obv: NEROCLAVDIVSDRVSVSGERMANICVSIMP - Laureate head left. Rev: No legend - Triumphal arch reading DE GERMANIS; statue of Claudius riding horse left and two trophies above. 41-45 (Rome). $5,771 12/5/02. AR Denarius (Posthumous) RIC 70 (Claudius),...

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