Licinius II

Licinius II 317 – 324 A.D.

Unfortunate son of Licinius who was forced into slavery and thereafter lost to history as a young boy upon Constantine's final defeat over Licinius and his court. AU Aureus RIC 42 (VII, Nicomedia), Depeyrot 31/2, C 38 Aureus Obv: DNVALLICINIVSNOBC - Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust facing. Rev: IOVICONSERVATORICAES Exe: SMN   AE3 RIC 11 (Cyzicus) AE3 Obv: DNVALLICINLICINIVSNOBC - Laureate bust left, draped, holding orb and scepter and mappa. Rev: IOVICONSERVATORICAESS Exe: //SMK - Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on a globe and scepter. 317-320 (Cyzicus). $26 1/12/03.   RIC...

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