Julia Titi

Julia Titi 65 – 91 A.D.

Following a brief marriage to a cousin, Julia Titi had a long-lasting affair with her uncle Domitian. She died well shy of her 30th birthday due to a botched abortion.   AU Aureus (Posthumous) RIC 219 (Domitian), C 19 Aureus Obv: DIVAIVLIAAVGVSTA - Diademed, draped bust right. Rev: No legend - Julia Titi riding elephant biga right, holding patera and scepter. $13,580 12/5/02. AR Tetradrachm RIC 231 (Domitian), BMC 258 (Domitian), C 15 Cistophoric Tetradrachm Obv: IVLIAAVGVSTADIVITITIF - Draped bust right. Rev: No legend Exe: VESTA - Vesta seated left, holding palladium...

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