Julia Domna

Julia Domna c.170 – 217 A.D.

Julia Domna was the wife of Septimius Severus and mother of Geta and Caracalla. She died in exile of either as a result of breast cancer or after a self-imposed hunger strike following Caracalla's murder.   AU Aureus RIC 381 (Caracalla), BMC 11a (Caracalla), C 110 Aureus Obv: IVLIAPIAFELIXAVG - Draped bust right. Rev: MATAVGGMATSENMPATR - Julia Domna seated left, holding branch and scepter. 211-215 (Rome). $5,500 1/13/03. RIC 536 (Septimius Severus), BMC 48 (Septimius Severus), C 193 Aureus Obv: IVLIADOMNAAVGVSTA - Draped bust right. Rev: VENERIVICTR - Venus standing right,...

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