Herennius Etruscus

Herennius Etruscus 251 A.D.

Taking the male form of his mother's name, Etruscus was the son of Trajan Decius. Together with his father and younger brother Hostilian, the three were briefly co-emperors before he was killed in a battle with the Goths in Moesia (present Bulgaria) along with Decius himself. AU Aureus RIC 147a (Trajan Decius), C 25 Aureus Obv: QHERETRMESDECIVSNOBC - Bare-headed, draped bust right. Rev: PRINCIPIIVVENTVTIS - Herennius Herennius Etruscus standing left, holding wand and spear. c.251 (Rome). $14,123 12/5/02. AR Antoninianus RIC 138 (Trajan Decius), C 4 Antoninianus Obv: QHERETRMESDECIVSNOBC...

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Trajan Decius 249 – 251 A.D.

Decius was a leading commander in the employ of the emperor Philip I. When several revolts broke out in different quarters of the empire Decius was selected to push back the Goths. Dutifully, he went on his way and did so effective a job of handling the invaders that the soldiers hailed him as their emperor on the spot. Philip was none too amused at this and gathered his army to meet the new usurper. A major battle was fought at their meeting point in Verona ending with Philip's defeat. On arrival to Rome he was well received by the people and the Senate. However, he hardly earned any brownie...

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