Macrianus 261 A.D

  The story of Macrianus is intimately connected with that of his brother Quietus. The two were sons of Macrianus Sr. who was one of Valerian's highest-ranked generals. After Valerian was kidnapped by a Persian king whom he was seeing on business of discussing war settlements the elder Macrianus chased the Persians away and the soldiers offered him the post of Augustus. He, in turn, declined and bestowed the titles jointly upon Macrianus Jr. and Quietus. It was decided that Macrianus would now lead an expedition to depose Gallienus back in Rome while Quietus would stay in the east to secure...

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Gallienus 253 – 268 A.D.

Gallienus, Valerian's son, became co-emperor shortly after Valerian himself ascended the throne. His greatest contribution to military history was the first commissioning of a cavalry-only unit which could be dispatched anywhere within the empire within short order. He was also successful in repelling wave after wave of barbarian invaders as well as finally defeating Postumus after a prolonged period which saw the two in battlefields on three different occasions. Asides from these marks of merit, Gallienus was a cruel tyrant of an oddly mild disposition. Given to a life of luxury at a time when...

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Claudius II Gothicus 268 – 270 A.D.

Claudius was apparently one of the principal conspirators who instigated a lethal mutiny against Gallienus during his siege against the usurper Aureolus. His claim that Gallienus designated him his heir in his deathbed and absent any credible witnesses led many to doubt the story. Regardless, Claudius rose to power and quelled any discontent over Gallienus's fate by giving each soldier the princely sum of 20 Aurei and locating Aureolus who was promptly executed. The controversial accession besides, Claudius proved a remarkably able battlefield commander and he earned the nickname Gothicus following...

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