Clodius Macer 68 A.D

Clodius Macer was an opportunist who took advantage of a revolt following Nero's death and the power struggle that ensued. He gambled that by appropriating northern Africa, Rome's food supply, he would strongarm the senate into accepting him as the next Augustus. Instead, Galba's fortunes improved and he consolidated power instead. Galba then suppressed Macer's small army and had him executed. Curiously, he stands alone in the long roster of men who usurped the throne but not the imperial title. All of Macer's coins are exceedingly rare. In fact, there are only about 85 known to date, only 20 of which...

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Galba 68 – 69 A.D.

Another one of the short-lived emperors during the Roman civil wars of this period, Galba was the Governor of Spain at the time of Nero's downfall. Coming from a Senatorial background, he was a likely candidate to succeed Nero from the Senate's point of view and was thus given the title. Galba made his way to Rome where he proceeded to make enemies out of all his former supporters. Most critical among these was his decision to deny the customary donatives to the army on his accession. This bit of ill-will towards the hands that fed him precipitated a number of events that would eventually lead...

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