Faustina I

Faustina I c.100 – 141 A.D.

Wife of Antoninus Pius. Her death was deeply mourned by Antoninus despite widely circulating rumors of her being unfaithful to him. Her daughter Faustina II, another woman of questionable repute, married Marcus Aurelius who would also eventually go on to grieve the loss of his wife.   AU Aureus RIC 338 (Antoninus Pius), C 214 Aureus Obv: FAVSTINAAVGVSTA - Draped bust right. Rev: IVNONIREGINAE - Juno standing left, holding patera and scepter; peacock to left. $1,200 5/22/02. AU Aureus (Posthumous) RIC 349a (Antoninus Pius), BMC 368 (Antoninus Pius), C 2 Aureus Obv: DIVAAVGFAVSTINA...

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