Drusus 38 B.C. – 23 A.D.

Son of Tiberius who was murdered (by poisoning) by his wife Livilla in league with a plot by the traitorous Sejanus.   AE Sestertius RIC 42 (Tiberius), BMC 95 (Tiberius), BN 72 (Tiberius), C 1 Sestertius Obv: Confronted heads of Drusus' children on crossed cornuacopiae, with caduceus between. Rev: DRVSVSCAESARTIAVGFDIVIAVGNPONTTRPOTII - Legend around large S C. 22-23 (Rome). $3,700 1/13/03.   AE As RIC 45 (Tiberius), BMC 99 (Tiberius), Vagi 470 As Obv: DRVSVSCAESARTIAVGFDIVIAVGN - Bare head left. Rev: PONTIFTRIBVNPOTESTITER - Legend around large SC. 22-23 (Rome).   AE...

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