Delmatius 335 – 337 A.D

Delmatius was part of Constantine's extended family, in this case one of his nephews. He was made Caesar in 335 but murdered along with several other family members shortly after Constantine died in 337 in a purge engineered by Constantius II (and presumably with the aid and consent of his surviving brothers). AU Solidus RIC 113 Solidus Obv: FLDELMATIVSNOBCAES - Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: PRINCIPIIVVENTVTIS Exe: CONS - Delmatius standing left, holding vexillum and scepter; two standards to right. c.336-337 (Constantinopolis). $12,221 12/5/02. AE3 RIC 69 (Alexandria),...

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