Fausta c.290 – 326 A.D.

Second wife of Constantine I and daughter of Maximian. Fausta was blamed for presenting false accusations of intended rape against her by Crispus, her stepson. Constantine then had his son murdered as a result. When the plot was revealed Constantine avenged Crispus's innocence by having her boiled to death.   AU Solidus RIC 12 (Constantinople) AE3 Obv: FLAVMAXFAVSTAAVG - Draped bust right. Rev: SALVSREIPVBLICAE Exe: SMT - Salus standing left, holding a baby in each arm. 326 (Constantinopolis). $111,197 12/16/03.   AE3 RIC 12 (Constantinople) AE3 Obv: FLAVMAXFAVSTAAVG...

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Crispus 317 – 326 A.D.

Crispus was the oldest son of Constantine. He was made Caesar in about 316 and groomed along the military and political ways to be expected of a future emperor. However, his career was cut short in 326 when his stepmother Fausta accused him of attempted rape. Her story must have sounded like an unspeakable atrocity for Constantine had his son put to death at once. Some time later it was somehow found out that she'd made up the entire story and Constantine had her literally boiled to death. Fausta's motive most likely had to do with removing Crispus from the line of succession to make way for her own sons....

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