Constantius III

Honorius 394 – 423 A.D.

Honorius was born to Theodosius and Aelia Flaccilla in 384 and inherited the western part of the empire on his father's death (with the eastern half going to his elder brother Arcadius). During his lifetime Honorius witnessed wave after wave of barbarian invasions, each one more devastating than the previous one. In 404 he moved the imperial palace to a fortress in Ravenna. On cue, Rome was then sacked in 410 by the barbarian forces under the command of Alaric; a first in over 800 years. The Vandals would seize Northern Africa (Italy's bread basket) and various usurpers, most importantly Constantine...

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Galla Placidia 388 – 450 A.D.

Galla Placidia led probably the most dramatic life of any empress. She was the daughter of Theodosius and half-sister of both Honorius and Arcadius. While living in Rome during the sacking of 410, she was kidnapped by Alaric and taken to Carthage. Although Alaric died soon afterwards, his successor, Athaulf, went on to Gaul with the intention of eventually deposing Honorius. In transit he forcibly married Galla, most likely to strengthen his claim to a would-be throne. He was defeated and chased out of Gaul, along with her, into Spain where he died in 415. At this point another rival barbarian...

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Constantius III 421 A.D.

Constantius III was a general under Honorius. It was thanks to him and his armies that the usurpers Constantine III, Constans II and Maximus were defeated and their domains returned to the empire. As recognition for these triumphs Honorius gave him his sister, Galla Placidia, in marriage and made him co-emperor in 421. However, Theodosius II out in the eastern half of the empire would not recognize Constantius. To assert his title, Constantius then prepared to take on Theodosius but became ill and died before plans could materialize. Galla became pregnant before his death and their son Valentinian...

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