Constantius Gallus

Julian II 360 – 363 A.D.

Julian was the son of Constantius Gallus and made Caesar by his own father's murderer, Constantius II. Constantius then assigned him an army and sent to suppress yet another German invasion. Upon the successful completion of this task, however, his own soldiers promoted him to the rank of Augustus. Chafing still from his father's fate he was well-prepared to meet Constantius in battle. But the battle was never meant to be because Constantius died of an illness en route and he was able to rule uncontested. Reversing the growing momentum of Christianity within the empire, Julian attempted to bring...

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Constantius Gallus 351 – 354 A.D.

Gallus was one of the few who escaped the family massacre initiated by Constantine's sons in order to weed out possible future contestants to the throne. When Constantius II was unable to deal with lesser rebellions out east because more pressing issues required his presence elsewhere, he decided it would be served best if a family member was given the task. So he summoned Gallus, made him Caesar and sent him on his mission. Although he was successful in dealing with the revolts, his methods were found to be so cruel that they would likely spawn new revolts. Word of his heavy-handed manners reached...

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