Constantius Chlorus

Galerius 305 – 311 A.D.

Galerius started as an ordinary soldier in the armies of Aurelian and then Probus. By the time he served under Diocletian his military career had culminated with the position of Praetorian Prefect. Under Diocletian's new scheme for ruling the empire, he named Galerius as one of the Caesars in the new Tetrarchy and assigned him to the eastern half. With Diocletian abdicating soon after, Galerius automatically became Augustus himself. The rest of his reign would be taken up fighting the power grabbing of Constantius Chlorus who, against the principles of the Tetrarchy, would start a dynasty in his own bloodline...

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Allectus 293 – 296 A.D.

Allectus was the second and last of the Roman British secessionist emperors succeeding Carausius whom he murdered. Being under the gun as was Carausius his solo career came to an end when Constantius Chlorus mounted a well-planned invasion of Britain and was subsequently killed in battle by one of Chlorus's detachments. AU Aureus RIC 1, Burnett 4, Depeyrot 4/1 Aureus Obv: IMPCALLECTVSPFAVG - Laureate head right. Rev: ADVENTVSAVG - Allectus riding horse left, raising hand; seated captive o left. c.293 (Londinium). $16,295 12/5/02. RIC 7, Burnett 2, Depeyrot 4/12 Aureus Obv: ALLECTVSPFAVG...

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