Constantine II

Hannibalianus 335 – 337 A.D.

One of Constantine's relatives, Hannibalianus was given domain of the Roman province of Pontica and given the unusual title of King. He ruled for two years until shortly after his father's death at which time a family conspiracy headed by Constantine II and Constantius II eliminated him as well as several other family members. AE3 RIC 147 (Constantinople), LRBC 1034 AE3 Obv: FLHANNIBALIANOREGI - Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: SECVRITASPVBLICA Exe: CONS - Euphrates lying left, holding scepter. 335-337 (Constantinopolis).

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Constantius II 337 – 361 A.D.

Constantius joins the lenghty list of emperors whose career was marked by a seemingly endless series of wars both domestic and foreign. He served as Caesar from 324 until his father's death in 337 at which time he shared the title of Augustus with two other brothers, Constantine II and Constans. To make sure no more Johnny-come-latelies in his family would try their hand at being emperor too it is thought that he engineered a bloodbath that left nary a relative. Constantine II died in battle and Constans was murdered by the men of Magnentius, the first of several usurpers. This left Constantius...

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Constantine II 337 – 340 A.D.

Constantine II was the oldest son of Constantine I and inherited all the Western portions of the empire except for Africa and Italy. Not content with this much he bullied his brother Constans and tried wresting these possessions away from him. When Constans had had enough and cut off communications with Constantine the elder reacted by bringing his army into Northern Italy. But Constans had anticipated these events and was well-prepared to meet him. Caught off-guard by this counter-offensive, Constantine was killed in the fight and his possessions became Constans'.   AU Medallion RIC...

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