Claudius II

Claudius II Gothicus 268 – 270 A.D.

Claudius was apparently one of the principal conspirators who instigated a lethal mutiny against Gallienus during his siege against the usurper Aureolus. His claim that Gallienus designated him his heir in his deathbed and absent any credible witnesses led many to doubt the story. Regardless, Claudius rose to power and quelled any discontent over Gallienus's fate by giving each soldier the princely sum of 20 Aurei and locating Aureolus who was promptly executed. The controversial accession besides, Claudius proved a remarkably able battlefield commander and he earned the nickname Gothicus following...

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Aurelian 270 – 275 A.D.

Aurelian was an upwardly-mobile soldier who was eventually appointed commander of the cavalry by Claudius II. With the aid of a sympathetic army he revolted against the accession of Quintillus and a civil war was avoided when the latter committed suicide following the growing popularity of his rival. Aurelian was then hailed as emperor by the Senate and the rest of the legions alike. His first mission was to strengthen the army by the introduction of the strictest reforms and discipline as well as quelling the various uprisings that had broken out over the last two decades. He thus spent the next...

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