Basiliscus 475 – 476 A.D.

History remembers Basiliscus in an unfavorable light for his biggest accomplishment seems to have been the annihilation of a large fleet sent to deal with the Vandals of Northern Africa. The circumstances for this disaster remain clouded under some controversy but it seems certain that as he approached the Vandal capital their leader sent a boat full of gold to halt the invasion. Basiliscus may well have sold out his countrymen and the cause for the loot. With the bought time, and probably more than a little proactive help on his part, the Vandals were able to mount a quick counteroffensive and rout...

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Anthemius 467 – 472 A.D

Unlike at any other time in Roman history up until this point, following the death of Libius Severus there was no one to take his place in imperial succession. Ricimer was the powerful general in charge of the army and for over a year and a half he handled the administrative duties of the empire. Not that that changed anything. Ricimer had been the real power in the Western Empire for several years. Severus had just been his charade of an emperor placed there to appease the Senate and the rest of the Roman world which expected a Roman leader (Ricimer himself being of barbarian descent). However,...

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