Ariadne c.450 – 515 A.D

Wife of Zeno, then Anastasius. Ariadne was also the daughter of Verina, Leo I's wife and to her most of all does Anastasius owe his title of Augustus after Zeno's death. AU Tremissis RIC 935 (Constantinople) Tremissis Obv: AELARIAUNEAVG - Diademed, draped bust right. Rev: No legend Exe: CONOB - Wreath, cross within.    

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Anastasius 491 – 518 A.D

In a larger context the Byzantine empire as such could be said to have started when the ancient city of Byzantium was renamed Constantinople by Constantine I and made a political axis on a par with Rome. Numismatic historians, however, classify Anastasius as the last Roman Emperor and the first Byzantine one. Although he considered himself "Roman", along with all future Byzantine emperors, his choice in 498 to discard the then monetary system in favor of a new, more Greek-aligned one was a lasting landmark of profound significance. Culturally, the Byzantines were always Greek under their skin and as the influence...

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