Carausius 286 – 293 A.D.

Carausius came from a sailing background and thanks to his abilities in this area he was commissioned by Maximianus to build a fleet to control the widespread pirating along the coasts of Gaul and Britain. Carausius was successful in this regard but it was soon discovered that he was personally profitting from the loot seized from the pirates. When Carausius heard that an arrest warrant had been issued for him he fled to Britain and declared himself emperor. Taking advantage of the fact that Maximianus had bigger headaches at the moment with fighting German barbarians, Carausius quickly rallied...

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Allectus 293 – 296 A.D.

Allectus was the second and last of the Roman British secessionist emperors succeeding Carausius whom he murdered. Being under the gun as was Carausius his solo career came to an end when Constantius Chlorus mounted a well-planned invasion of Britain and was subsequently killed in battle by one of Chlorus's detachments. AU Aureus RIC 1, Burnett 4, Depeyrot 4/1 Aureus Obv: IMPCALLECTVSPFAVG - Laureate head right. Rev: ADVENTVSAVG - Allectus riding horse left, raising hand; seated captive o left. c.293 (Londinium). $16,295 12/5/02. RIC 7, Burnett 2, Depeyrot 4/12 Aureus Obv: ALLECTVSPFAVG...

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