Cornelia Supera ? A.D.

Based on the extant numismatic evidence, Cornelia was most likely the wife of Aemilian. However, it's impossible to tell for sure as there is no surviving historical reference about her. AR Antoninianus RIC 30, C 5 Antoninianus Obv: CCORNELSVPERAAVG - Draped bust right. Rev: VESTA - Vesta standing left, holding patera and scepter. $5,200 1/16/03.   RIC 31, C 3 Antoninianus Obv: CORSVPERAAVG - Draped bust right. Rev: IVNONIAVG - Juno seated left, holding flower and baby.  

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Aemilian 253 A.D.

Those who live by the sword die by the sword. This old cliche could well have been phrased after the life and death of Aemilian. When Trebonianus Gallus's hold on power had weakened after a series of setbacks, the troops of Aemilian who were battling barbarians along the Danube declared him Augustus and he seized the opportunity to depose Gallus. The plan worked just as expected and Aemilian subsequently enjoyed a brief reign. Valerian, one of the generals commissioned under Gallus, heard of the news and refused to accept the new emperor. Finding it favorable among his own troops, he was promptly...

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