Aelia Flaccilla

Aelia Flaccilla ? – 386 A.D.

Wife of Theodosius I and mother of Honorius and Arcadius. AU Solidus RIC 72 (Constantinople) Solidus Obv: AELFLACCILLAAVG - Draped bust right, with elaborate headdress, necklace and mantle. Rev: SALVSREIPVBLICAE Exe: CONOB - Victory seated right on throne, writing Christogram on shield held on small column. c.383-386 (Constantinopolis). $11,543 12/5/02. AR Siliqua RIC 78 (Constantinople) Siliqua Obv: AELFLACCILLAAVG - Diademed, draped bust right. Rev: No legend Exe: CON - Chi-rho within wreath. $1,500 4/1/01. AE2 RIC 23 (Heraclea), C 4 AE2 Obv: AELFLACCILLAAVG - Mantled,...

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