Mint Marks

Reading the Mint Marks

Knowing exactly where a specific coin was minted adds to the fun of collecting. Many familiar cities such as Rome, Alexandria or London (yes, London England!) had mints which made Roman Imperial coins. Below are some examples of what you would see on real coins. In bold is the city mark. As you can see, there are many combinations, with letters before and/or ofter the city mark. However, armed with a table of mint marks and a bit of practice it is fairly simple to pick out the city.

SMALA = (Sacra Moneta) Alexandria, 1st workshop
HT = Heraclea, 3rd workshop
TRS = Treveri, 2nd workshop
STR = same as above, Treveri, 2nd workshop
XXIR = Rome
SISB = Siscia, 2nd workshop
TT = Ticium, 3rd workshop

By the way, gold coins from the eastern mints usually had the letters OB attached after the city mark, OB comes from the word obryziacum, which was the technical term for pure gold. Silver coins would have a PS attached, which comes from the word pusulatum, meaning pure silver. So, you could see CONOB = pure gold of Constantinople.

Mint Mark City Current Name
AL, ALE, ALEX, SMAL Alexandria Alexandria, Egypt
AMB, AMBI Ambianum Amiens, France
AN, ANT, SMAN Antioch Antakiyah, Syria
AQ, AQVI, AQPS, SMAQ Aquileia Aquileia, Italy
A, AR, ARL, CON, CONST, KON Arelatum/Constantia Arles, France
BA, SMBA Barcino Barcelona, Spain
C, CL Comulodunum Colchester, England
C, CON, CONS Constantinople Istanbul, Turkey
K, KAR, KART Carthage Near Tunis, N. Africa
CVZ, CYZ, K, KV, KVZ, SMK, CM Cyzicus Kapu Dagh, Turkey
H, HER, HT, HERACL, SMH Heraclea Eregli, Turkey
L, LN, LON, ML, MLN, MN Londinium London, England
LD, LG, LVG, LVGD Lugdunum Lyon, France
PLG, RPLC, RSLC, RPLG, RSLG Lugdunum Lyon, France
MD, MED Mediolanum Milan, Italy
N, NIC, NICO, NIK, SMN Nicomedia Izmit, Turkey
OST, MOST Ostia Port of Rome Rome, Italy
RV, RVPS Ravenna Ravenna, Italy
R, RM, ROM, ROMA, VRB ROM Roma Rome, Italy
SIS, SISC, SMSIS Siscia Sisak, Croatia
SD, SER, SMSD Serdicia Sophia, Bulgaria
SM, SIR, SIRM Sirmium Near Mitrovica, Kosovo
TE, TES, TS, THS, THES, OES Thessalonica Thessaloniki, Greece
T Ticium Pavia, Italy
TR, TRE, SMTR Treveri Trier, Germany

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