Roman Coins Basics

How to store Coins

Once you acquire a few coins, the simplest and cheapest way to store your collection is to use the plastic pages with spaces for 20 (2” × 2” size) coin holders. These are available at any coin shop and online for about $1/page. A pack of 20 coin holders will cost another dollar or two and you’re set.

Most Roman coins are small, so coin holders for US 5 and 25 cents will do the job, and 10 cents for the tiny ones. You can staple the holders together (or use double-sided tape on the inside for a cleaner look), but its nice to leave some open so that you can get the coin out and hold it. Finally, to add a finishing touch, you can write the emperor’s name on each holder, and the date of his reign, or the date the coin was roughly issued.

To make it look more professional, you can print the names and attatch them with clear tape. The other alternative is to get special coin trays which cost a bit more, but would look great for a small collection. Stop by your local dealer to inquire, or look online.

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