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Leontius 484 – 488 A.D.

Leontius of Isauria, not to be confused with the better known Byzantine emperor of the same name, was one of the rare usurpers to the Eastern crown. Leontius was raised to emperor by an army rebelling against Zeno. The revolt he led quickly bogged down in loyalist resistance and he was forced to retreat to a fortress where a siege was laid out at once. He held out in his compound for four years before his compatriots betrayed him to the besiegers. He was promptly executed afterwards. His authentic coins are exceedingly rare. RIC records all of three solidi for his reign with fakes outnumbering the genuine ones many times over.


AU Solidus

RIC 1101 Solidus Obv: DNLEONTIOPERPSAVG – Helmeted, cuirassed, diademed bust facing, holding spear and shield.
Rev: VICTORIAAVGG Exe: /ANTOB – Victory standing left, holding cross. 484-488 (Antioch).

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