Licinius I – Follis – Jupiter standing left

Licinius I , 317 - 320 AD , Roman Imperial Coins

Obverse: IMP LIC LICINIVS P F AVG – Head of Licinius, laureate, right

The Inscription reads: : Imperator Licinius Pius Felix Augustus – Emperor Licinius, the pious, the fortunate.

Reverse: IOVI CON-SERVATORI – Jupiter, nude, chlamys draped across left shoulder, standing left, holding Victory on globe in right hand and leaning on sceptre with left hand; to left, eagle holding wreath

The Inscription reads: : Iovi Conservatori – To Jupiter the Protector.

  • Licinius I
  • Siscia
  • Follis
  • Bronze
  • 3.44gr
  • 20mm
  • RIC VII p423, 8

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