Vologases III

Vologases III

110 – 147 AD
PredecessorPacorus II
SuccessorVologases IV
FatherPacorus II

His Story

Vologases III was king from 110 to 147.

Vologases III’s reign was marked by civil strife and warfare.

At his ascension, he had to deal with the usurper Osroes I who seizez the western part of the empire, which left Vologases III in control of its eastern parts.

After Osroes I violated the Treaty of Rhandeia with the Romans by appointing Parthamasiris as the king of Armenia in 113, the Roman emperor Trajan invaded the Parthian lands, briefly seizing the Parthian cities of Seleucia and Ctesiphon and reaching as far as the Persian Gulf.

These gains were short-lived; all the Roman gains had been lost after Trajan’s death in 117.


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