Philip III Arrhidaios

Philip III Arrhidaios

323 – 317 BC
PredecessorAlexander III
SuccessorAlexander IV
FatherPhilip II
MotherPhilinna of Larissa

His Story

Philip III Arrhidaeus leaded as king of Macedonia from ca. 359 BC to 25 December 317 BC. This was basically an Ancient Greek Kingdom in northern Greece, and it continued till 11 June 323 BC until his death.

He was known to be the son of King Philip II of Macedon and Philinna of Larissa. The name Philip was given when he finally made it to the throne. 

With the passage of time as Arrhidaeus grew older, it was obvious that he had learning difficulties but on mild levels. 

According to Plutarchs opinion, he thought that he became disabled with the forceful murder attempt on his life by Philip II’s wife, known as Queen Olympias.

Basically, the main reason for Queen Olympias to eliminate him was because he was a rival to her son, and therefore, she utilized pharmaka (drugs/spells) for this task. On the other hand, modern authorities had already doubted the originality of this claim. 

The father, Alexander, was always fond of Arrhidaeus. So he always carried him in all his campaigns, as a way to protect his life, and preventing a potential challenge to th e throne. 

After the death of Alexander in Babylon, 323 BC; the army of Macedonia rightly claimed Arrhidaeus as the king. It is said, he served as one of the powerful generals with merely being a leader.

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