Philip II of Macedonia

Philip II of Macedonia

359–336 BC
PredecessorAmyntas IV
SuccessorAlexander the Great
Born382 BC, Pella, Macedon
Died21 October 336 BC (aged 46), Aigai, Macedon
Meda of Odessos
Cleopatra Eurydice

Philip III
Alexander the Great

FatherAmyntas III
MotherEurydice I

His Story

Philip II of Macedonia, also known as the unifier of Greece, the author of initial federal constitution in Greece, the West national army’s forger, the founder of initial territorial State in Europe with a proper administrative structure, the Greek imperial age’s first top general, a reformer, as well as strategic genius, that revolutionized warfare tactics in the West and Greece, and finally, called as the best military captain in the history of West.
Therefore, Philip II assembled resources, prepared ground, implemented a strategic vision, and finally, launched a modern yet tactical improvised army in the history of the military in the West.
The death of Philip II was called as end of the classical time period in Greek warfare history, which also meant the start of imperial age in result. In addition, Philip possesses title of the first top general with modern warfare expertise in the West. A new instrument was introduced in the war, Macedonian phalanx, which was executed alongside tactical doctrines for success.
Being a political art practioner, Philip had no equal thoughts. Thus, Philip easily overtook the triumphs of Alexander.

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