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Agrippina II ? – 59 A.D.

Mother of Nero. Infamous for treachery and desire for power, Agrippina married the emperor Claudius and was involved in a number of political moves worthy of her own daytime soap opera. It is suspected she got rid of Claudius, after removing other potential rivals, by feeding him poisoned mushrooms. She did this as much to ensure her son Nero would succeed him as much as to place herself at the upper crust of Rome’s powerbrokers. Nero himself grew wary of her ways and eventually had her murdered.

AU Aureus

RIC 1 (Nero), BMC 6, Vagi 656, C 6 Aureus Obv: AGRIPPAVGDIVICLAVDNERONISCAESMATER – Confronted busts of Nero (bare-headed, right) and Agrippina II (draped, left).
Rev: NERONICLAVDDIVIFCAESAVGGERMIMPTRP – Legend around oak wreath, enclosing EXSC. August – December 54 (Rome). $8,827 12/5/02.

AR Denarius

RIC 2, BMC 3, BN 8, C 7 Denarius Obv: AGRIPPAVGDIVICLAVDNERONISCAESMATER – Nero bare head right facing Agrippina II draped bust left.

AE Sestertius

RIC 102 (Claudius), BMC 219 Sestertius Obv: AGRIPPINAMFGERMANICICAESARIS – Draped bust right.
Rev: TICLAVDIVSCAESARAVGGERMPMTRPIMPPP – Legend around large S C. c.42-43 (Rome).

RIC 103 (Claudius) Sestertius Obv: AGRIPPINAMFGERMANICICAESARISAVG – Draped bust right.
Rev: No legend – Carpentum drawn left by two mules, the cover supported by standing figures. c.50-54 (Balkans?).

AE Dupondius

Unlisted RIC, Von Kaenel 63 Dupondius Obv: AGRIPPINAAVGGERMANICIFCAESARIS – Draped bust right.
Rev: No legend – Ceres seated left, holding grain ears and long torch. c.42-43 (Rome). $1,150 5/21/03.

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